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At ESAM, we are convinced that finance is at the service of the economic and social development of the company, that it must be accessible and understandable by all and that the financial manager is above all a guardian of the temple in terms of analysis and management of entrepreneurial risk.

It is in this state of mind that the idea of launching a Financial Factory by ESAM was born on the model of the Why Not Factory.

finance factory

One objective, to learn Corporate Finance differently by:

  • Practicing on real cases
  • Keeping up with financial news
  • Developing their soft skills
  • Federating financial students from ESAM
  • Creating links with former ESAM financiers


Financial Factory by ESAM programs


Every year the Global Case Competition takes place in Boston. It is one of the most prestigious student finance competitions in the world organized by the students of Harvard University. The objective of this competition is to bring together the best finance students from all over the world.

Since 2017, ESAM has been selected to participate in the competition and competes against the best universities and schools around the world!

5 students go to Boston every year to defend the school's colors The Global Case Competition is also an opportunity for our students to interact with guest companies, financial institutions and partners from around the world of finance.




Financial students at ESAM like to challenge themselves!

Participating in the famous HSBC bank finance competition is not a problem for them!

As part of the activities of the Financial Factory, students of the Bachelor Management International Management program are confronted with the resolution of a case of finance and strategy with the best French schools of management and administration.

Accompanied by a coach who is a member of the ESAM finance team, they train all year round in the evening to be on top of the competition session in France in April.

Objective = win first place to have the honor of representing France in Hong Kong during the international final in June of each year!




To learn Finance differently, there is nothing like practicing as much as possible on real business cases.

The Startup TPE program consists of supporting small structures in the formalization of their financial needs to approach lenders and investors more serenely.

On the program: construction of a Financial Business Plan, financial analysis file , reporting tools, installation of management tools, etc.

Every 3 weeks, volunteer students meet with their coaches and supported entrepreneurs to move forward with the resolution of the negotiated mission project.

The program is voluntarily open to students outside the school.

Come and meet them, discuss with them, participate in the next working sessions and take the opportunity to discover the ESAM training programs in corporate finance.




At the heart of ESAM's DNA, the professional world plays an essential role.

The Financial Factory's “Speaking of Experts” program allows students from the school to discuss specific issues with professionals from the corporate finance sector.

The "free exchange" format allows students to discuss with the expert in an innovative and fun format in order to better understand the world of Corporate Finance.

This program also allows students to expand their networks by meeting potential recruiters through this program to find an internship, a work-study program or their future jobs.




« In 2017, ESAM took the initiative to create what was called at the time the “Data Factory”. What attracted me at the time was the fact of learning finance differently, emphasizing practice and soft skills. The Data Factory did not have the success I expected, but neither ESAM nor I were going to give up, on the contrary, we came out of the experience stronger. This is how, with the same motivation, with a little more knowledge on the subject, and with the model of success that is the Why Not Factory, we created the Financial Factory by ESAM with always the same idea: learn finance by practicing it, not by reading a course, and learn the soft skills that go with the finance professions, and more generally, the decision-making professions. The Financial Factory by ESAM is therefore no longer a simple trial and error initiative, it has become an ecosystem where finance students can learn, enhance their CVs, and develop a network, with enthusiastic coaches, a staff of school available and students eager to get involved beyond their school hours. All of this means that today I fully believe in the Financial Factory and what it brings to students and their school. »

Founder of the association

Class of 2019 - Financial Expert