Entrepreneurial spirit

The ESAM school is not only a great school of corporate finance and strategic management. It is a school of common sense, a pragmatic school which has set itself the goal of allowing each of its students to develop the entrepreneurial side that lies dormant in them!


ESAM: the conditions for your success

The Why Not Factory


The Why Not Factory is ESAM's business incubator. It allows the school's students to be able to build their business creation projects in a unique ecosystem.

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Financial Factory


The Financial Factory is the association of Financial Entrepreneurs which allows students to develop their skills by working on real business cases.

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The Learning Expedition


Since 2015, ESAM students have had the opportunity to go to Silicon Valley for a week to discover the whole entrepreneurial culture of this mythical region.

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The PEPITE program


The Pépite program is a program intended for student entrepreneurs and which allows them in particular to be able to do their internships within their companies.

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