At ESAM, the internship periods in companies, from the first year of the Bachelor in International Management and the Bachelor of Law & Political Science, are considered as real springboards for the construction of a professional project and the definition of the first job.

The periods in the company represent real sources of inspiration and motivation. They provide students with the means to discover and invest in the business world.


Our goals

  • Allow our students to gradually acquire the mastery of the different functions of the company
  • Cultivate their sense of responsibility and autonomy
  • Reach the professional stature coveted by recruiters
  • Finding their first gateway into the business world after training.



Internship periods

With ESAM, this is the opportunity to complete up to 28 months of internship throughout the course of study with the possibility of carrying them out internationally, each year




Up to 16 months internship


Minimum 12 months internship

1st year

  • 2 to 4 months of internship in France or International
  • This internship aims to discover the business world. It is, moreover, the opportunity for the student to formalize his professional project in the light of this first experience.
  • 3 months internship
  • France or International

2nd year

  • 5 to 6 month internship
  • France or International
  • During this internship, the student occupies an operational position which should enable him to: implement his knowledge, ensure the day-to-day operations of his entity to which he is attached, integrate into a team.
  • 3 months internship
  • France or International

3rd year

  • 5 to 6 month internship
  • France or International
  • During his internship, the student must understand and lead the different stages of a mission in connection with the choice of his pre-specialization (Finance / Management). This is an opportunity for him to gain technical skills and refine his professional project.
  • 5 to 6 month internship
  • France or International




4th year

  • Alternation
  • Internship or alternate internship

5th year

  • Alternation
  • Internship or alternate internship


This placement may not exceed 6 months or 924 hours per academic year (i.e. 132 days in the company), distributed according to the terms agreed in the agreement.


A trainee's bonus is an allowance that a company pays to its trainee at the end of each month. Although it is paid monthly, this sum does not have the character of a salary and is therefore subject to a separate legal regime in terms of the minimum amount and in terms of tax and social security.

The minimum remuneration applies only to traineeships lasting more than two months, whether consecutive or not, within the same organisation (company, administration, association, etc.) and during the same school or university year.

The law imposes a minimum hourly rate of 3.90 euros/hour, i.e. for a month consisting of 22 days worked, 600.6 euros.

Unlike work-study contracts, which expressly provide for the payment of tuition fees by the company, these remain the responsibility of the student in the case of an internship.


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