Alumni Network

Bringing students together and creating cohesion between former graduates and current students, is the motive of the ESAM Alumni association. More than an association, it is truly a support for students.


ESAM Alumni: the association of ESAM graduates

Esam Alumni Association has set itself the goal of assembling alumni and students of the school to bond through events and parties. It facilitates contact with companies looking for interns or work-study candidates

As an ESAM student, it allows you to create your own network!

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The ESAM Alumni platform

The coach of your career path

ESAM Alumni is a platform entirely dedicated to the recruitment and career support of all school graduates, young and old. It is then a question of combining the needs of companies and the projects of our students.
Faced with an increasingly complex and evolving labor market, ESAM Alumni brings innovative solutions which meet this double expectation: 

  • For recent graduates and alumni who must develop their potential to access the best positions and develop their profile throughout their career. 
  • As well as for companies, who make skills management a priority and must optimize their recruitment policy in order to attract and retain the best talent.

With the mission of working to bring together the members of its community, ESAM ALUMNI offers many tools for cohesion through its platform:

  • member directory with geolocation;
  • private messaging system;
  • news from your network;
  • advanced agenda of key events organized by ESAM ALUMNI;
  • management of job and internship offers;
  • creation and animation of thematic clubs.

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More than a team spirit, a family


The alumni network guarantees the philosophy and values of ESAM since its creation. Represented throughout the world, this network is driven by a spirit of solidarity and generous ethics. These alumni always keep their door open for an “ESAMian”. They are also involved in the development of the School, participating in the School's scientific and professional council, in selection orals, in conferences and in courses relating to their areas of expertise.