Support towards employment

We put in place all the means and all the synergies to lead our students to success and professionalization. To this end, guidance and support mechanisms for employment have been put in place. Their purpose is the successful entry of graduates into the professional world.


ESAM, support
for successful professional integration

Our pride


professional integration within 6 months*


of students are hired on permanent contracts from their first job*

37,7 K€

gross annual salary upon hiring*


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In addition, we have been ranked by the magazine l'Etudiant**


for compensation

In 1st place

for the alternation

In 1st place

for career opportunities in finance since 2015

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Our educational teams support each student in the construction of a personal and professional project. Promotions on a human scale allow everyone to evolve and acquire the skills necessary for their success.


A progressive professionalization

For more than 30 years, our educational choices have provided students with opportunities to enter the business world.



Internal support systems

A corporate relations department

Our Business Relations department supports students in their relationship with the professional world. Its main missions are: employability and monitoring of young people.

It meets several objectives

  1. understanding the business;
  2. get to know each other better;
  3. provide young people with methodological assistance (training of the professional project, development of the CV and cover letter, mock interview);
  4. and allow them privileged access to the network of our 2,000 partner companies.

A specific support course

We offer a specific support path towards the 1st job. It unfolds in 3 main steps:

  1. The construction of a personalized project.
  2. Learning the skills and knowledge required.
  3. Taking action to find your first job.
job plan


My Job Plan is the guidance and support system for employment, the purpose of which is the successful entry of our students into the professional world. 
It includes a specific support path towards the 1st job for all students and recent graduates. 

The My Job Plan course unfolds in 3 main stages

  • The construction of a personalized project; 
  • Learning the skills and know-how required; 
  • Taking action to find your first job. 

Accompanied by all of the school's teaching and business relations teams, students will be able through these 3 stages to:

  • understand the business; 
  • get to know each other better; 
  • acquire methods and tools until they reach the objective they have set themselves, in line with their professional project;

Finally, we have signed a partnership with APEC, the leading operator in France for the employment of executive positions, whose experts support and advise students throughout their training and after their diploma. 


The Department of studies

The Department of Studies regularly organizes: 

  • individualized educational assessments; 
  • parent meetings (particularly for the Professional Bachelor cycle);
  • meeting points with students from different years of study in order to share their experiences and advice.


*Survey carried out in September 2019 with the last 5 outgoing promotions.
**Source: 2020 Student Ranking