PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS - The Why Not Factory incubator

The Why Not Factory is a unique, experimental, creative, educational space in which students and entrepreneurs combine their efforts to create and develop their projects. For ESAM students, it's an extraordinary opportunity to learn differently in order to learn better.


A proven incubator

The « The Why Not Factory » incubator is very successful with 180 student signatories and around twenty companies created.

This dynamism is explained by a revival of teaching methods, concrete projects in phase with the needs of companies.

From idea to project, from project to business, from business to success

«A journey of a thousand miles always begins with a first step
Tao Te Ching - Lao Tseu

#1 The idea

You join The Why Not Factory and pitch your idea.

#2 The project

You participate in evenings with other entrepreneurs to enrich and develop your idea.

#3 Incubation

You participate in workshops and hackathons to acquire the management basics you need for your project.

#4 The 1st competition

You use the tickets with our team of 10 coaches to unlock the blocking points (law, financing, accounting, etc.).

#5 The 1st euro of turnover

You activate The Why Not Factory network to develop your sales and boost your opportunities.

#6 Success

You become a coach yourself and support new ideas and projects.


I had the opportunity to join the ESAM incubator during my course because the desire to undertake had been in my head for a while. I entered it with several doubts: like many students, I imagined that studies and entrepreneurship were not two compatible worlds; like many, a mechanism of self-censorship dissuaded me from taking the course. Thanks to the incubator, I was able to sort out and clarify my business plan.
Several elements allowed me to move forward in this phase of ideation: the incubator coaches, entrepreneurs and professionals always listening; students who, like me, wanted to undertake; the workplace made available to me… I was able to benefit from this ecosystem throughout the business creation process, during the ideation therefore, but also afterwards, with the modeling of my project. At each stage, follow-up and coaching have intensified.
Today, a former student, I am lucky to be integrated into the Groupe IGENSIA Education (formerly Groupe IGS) incubator, logical continuity of the process, and always, the same recipe: a young person, a desire, and a whole ecosystem that accompanies it.